Monday, March 26, 2007

The Connection (Autism Song)

I was right ...student E gets stimulated by the sun.For 3 days now we are not letting him join his classmates in the outdoor play after snacks.And he is cooperative and works as expected and follows instructions given to him after snacks.Not like before when he will start running and jumping and shouting all around the room after outdoor play.

As they were practising today for the program,I kept on talking to him and telling him "No talking","Sit on your hands" ..this is to stop him from playing with his hands when excited.I also prepared him for whats going to happen on Wednesday.I told him "Parents will be watching all of you,your mom and dad and your classmates (I gave names) mom and dad are also coming""They will be watching you".

At one point,one of his classmates who is hyperactive started making noise,he told this classmate "L,they are watching us,dont be noisy".I was laughing when I heard what he said.

His classmates were all applauding him when he read the story he wrote about his Batangas trip with his family.Its heartwarming to see these children appreciate the effort student E has exerted for this story.Its the only story he made that is based on personal experience.They have a Writers Workshop for Literacy that made them think of a story they can write to be published at the end of the schoolyear.Before I came in as his shadow teacher I was told that he always writes stories about the books he loved to read,"Snow White" and "Cinderella".

It took quite a lot of prompting to make him write the story but he did quite well when he started writing.

Summer is coming,student E has improved a lot.Thanks to our heavenly father.Without Him I know I cannot be as effective as I am to all my students.

Thank you God!Thanks for the gift of teaching you gave me.

Today I will share with you a poem I saw about Autism.

Here it goes:

The Connection

Words and Music by Elizabeth King Gerlach and Leslie King

Hidden by his face,full of ideas or just empty space

He cannot speak what’s on his mind.

Reflections in his eyes

Do they even stop to question whyI just don’t know about his kind.


Should I take his hand or should I walk away

Does he even want me to be part of his world

Where’s the lightIs there longingFor belonging?I’ll try.

Inside white rooms,knowing faces staring into the look

That they cannot understand

They want to see him smile

They want to put him into their files but He holds out against their plans.


Searching every glance

I don’t want to miss a single chance to find a path into his heart.

There’s a part of me that just see what it wants to see but I have to have a place to start.

If a wrong turn’s taken we may never know

What was hidden away on the alternate road

Where’s the lightIs there longing for belonging? I’ll try.

So put your hand in mine

You can even put your fears aside

We’ve got to find a new direction

Just give me one chanceI want to teach you how to dance

I want to make the connectionThe connectionThe connection.


thecutter said...

This is a fascinating blog and this song is really hitting a chord in me. One of my best friends has an autistic child, and my friend is someone who is always "away from home" for his work. Days go by without Daddy. Then, if Daddy walks in the door and the child is busy with his own activity, there is no response. No Connection. As soon as the child finishes his activity, notices Daddy, it is as if God himself walked in the room, and there is an outpouring of affection. I've always found this "space for connection" description very interesting. The Daddy knows there will come the moment of reunion, but he doesn't push it.

Wishing you and your students the best of everything!!!

Maria said...

Sad to hear about your friend being far away from home always.His son needs him more than anything else.What makes me love teaching these kids is their will feel love all over them..and they are not asking for anything in exchange but to be loved also.Believe me the child knows when his dad is around.These kids senses are hypersensitive...they know whats going on around them.They just have a different way of communicating and responding to their environment.Thank you for the comments..inspires me to see people leave comments like yours.