Friday, April 4, 2008

Writer's Showcase: Samuel Traineer

My name is Samuel and I am 14 and in the ninth grade but home schooled. My mom thought I would learn a lot if I had to help other people. So she told me I had to come up with a project to help a needy group of people. The assignment was to help improve the lives of needy people. I have decided to help kids with autism because I have Asperger's syndrome.

I know how important a service animal can be, I have a service cat named “Hub”. He is actually my second service cat. My first one, Faith-Elizabeth, died about four years ago. She helped distract me when I got angry, she played with me, she helped me work out what I was going to say to my mom and other people. Now I have Hub and he does those things. Faith and Hub made me finally belong to my family. We had something in common, we all loved Hub and Faith.

That's why I have decided to start a service cat training program for kids with autism, kids like me. I'm not a parent of an autistic kid, I am an autistic kid. We are alone and we live in a world where no one understands us. I don't know how you feel but I know what my world looks like. Everyday I struggle to make sense of what other people say to me. I have watched my mom cry before when she gets too frustrated because she thinks I don't understand. I get upset then because I don't know why she cries. I wonder what I did wrong. But then she grabs Hub and hands him to me and she stops crying and I calm down. Hub is something we share. He helps me but he helps us be a family also. That's why I have to train other cats for kids. Every kid like me deserves to belong. You can visit my website at There are instructions there about how you can help me with my project.

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Robin Lee Sardini said...

What a beautiful thing you are doing Samuel!! I love cats and had no idea that they, too, could be service animals until I read what you wrote here. Wonderful job, Samuel!