Thursday, July 31, 2008

College Scholarship Awarded To Boy With Autism

Amie Bell says the LearningRx program changed her son's life. Nine-year-old Tripp Bell had been in Special Ed since kindergarten. Now, he's been awarded a college scholarship.

LearningRx's learning exercises are like games to help Tripp Bell focus and improve his memory. For years, Bell found it hard to concentrate.

"I got a lot of bad grades," says Bell.

His parents tried changing the nine-year-old's medication and diet and added allergy injections. It didn't work.

"He would go home and call himself stupid," says Amie Bell.

"I always disappoint my mom," says Tripp Bell.

Bell has autism, ADD, a learning disability, and severe short-term memory loss, but normal intelligence.

"I got bad grades. I never wanted to get bad grades."

That was before he enrolled in LearningRx's six- month program.

"We're not working academically. We're working at the root level to improve those skills we're born with," says Neal Best, LearningRx of Little Rock Center Director.

After two months of training exercises, his mother says the time she spent with him on homework was cut in half. He also won the program's National Student of the Year award along with a $1,000 college scholarship and a trip to Colorado.

The center director says bell has gained an average of six years in his mental abilities. No longer does he utter the word "stupid."

"I feel smart," says Bell.

He is no longer enrolled in Special Ed. The biggest reward his parents say this program boosted his learning ability and his self-esteem.

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